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Referee Information Page and Links

Referee Registration Page for Ingersoll Soccer Club

Information For Prospective Referees.

To become a referee with the Ingersoll Soccer Club you must first register with the Ontario Soccer Association, the governing body, and complete a course, take the exam then attend a practical session in order to be certified. 

You may register for this season at the following link: New Match Officials Clinic Registration (

Please also follow the link that explains the registration process on the above page at the Clinic Guide for Students under the heading CLINIC STUDENT USER GUIDE.

There is also a FAQ section contained within for clinics. This outlines what is required, the steps involved in completing the courses and the exam.

There are 2 courses available depending upon your age and what level you wish to referee at: Small Sided Games Referee (SSG) (Grade 1) - must be a minimum of 12 years of age as of March 31st of the current year. Entry Level (Grade 4) - must be a minimum of 14 years of age as of March 31st of the current year. The course fees can be found in the link above.

If you wish to referee at both SSG and Entry Level and are 14 years of age or older as of March 31st of the current year, you need only to register for the Entry Level course. The club head referee will instruct you on the different rules for the SSG. It’s a good idea to start early and have a good knowledge so that you are comfortable in the sessions and for the exam. Entry Level referees should refer to the following link for the complete LOTG International Football Association Board | Laws of the Game | IFAB (

Please note: Ingersoll Soccer Club does not set or collect the course fees, does not set or mark the exams and has no insight into which questions, if any, the participant answered incorrectly. This is all the responsibility of the OSA.

Should you have any questions, the club Head Referee may be contacted at

Laws of the Game

Positioning/Signals Videos

Grading Protocol